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The evolved The Navel gun “Tremor Culverin”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.

Machinist Arm

I think it’s a very old gun, but I like it surprisingly.

Machinist gun “Tremor Culverin


A gun or a cannon?

Apparently, “Culverin” is a kind of cannon.

There is a sense of volume when I carry it on my back.

When I remove the sword, a Navel-like effect appears.

This seems to have the effect on “Culverin of Crags” which can be obtained in “The Navel (Hard)“.

This is cool with effects.


And when I look closely at this gun, the details are very elaborate.

When I look from the front, it looks just right over my shoulder.

It’s an old cannon and I don’t see many people using it now, but I think it’s a cool design.

This is my favorite cannon ✨

In an emergency, I would like to take this with me to battle.

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