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Machinist’s Resistance Weapon (RW) Final Form (Sixth Stage) Shining Classic Wooden Double Barrel Hunting Gun “Blade’s Ingenuity”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.

Machinist Arm

This is a record of the Machinist’s Resistance Weapon (RW) final form (sixth stage) “Blade’s Ingenuity“.


It ’s a gun with a classic design that has never been seen before.

It ’s an old-fashioned wooden hunting gun.


If you look closer, you can see the grain of the wood. And the deer monument is cute.

The design is like an antique.

If you look at the muzzle, you can see that it is a double barrel.

It glows when you hold the gun! And a petal-like effect common to the final form of the Resistance Weapon surrounds the gun.

If you look closer, you’ll see a glowing scope.


It’s pretty elaborate that the scope shines out.

In addition, a red sight is drawn inside the scope, and I feel the fine attention of the creator.

By the way, Norirow-san, isn’t this like a fish? I’m sure it’s a flying fish gun.


Flying fish! ?? 💦

Dyeing pattern

The wood grain is dyed. The original color is reddish.

Here, I’m trying to dye “Matte Replica Blade’s Ingenuity” that you can buy at Gangosh after getting “Blade’s Ingenuity” so that the color is easy to understand.

Original Color

Snow White

Soot Black

Shale Brown

How to evolve into the final form

In addition, in order to make this Resistance Weapon the final form, it is necessary to evolve to the previous stage “Augmented Law’s Order”, order the quest with Gangos, and then collect the following items.

① Items to collect first (first time only)

Only for the first one, you need to collect 30 of the following.

Items to collectWhere to get
Compact Axle・the Zadnor:Southern Plateau Skirmishes
・Alexander 1 or 2
Compact Spring・the Zadnor:Southern Plateau Critical Engagements
・Alexander 3 or 4
A Day in the Life: Battles for the Realm・the Zadnor:Western plateau Skirmishes
・The Bend of Time – OMEGA 1 or 2
A Day in the Life: Beyond the Rift・the Zadnor:Western plateau Critical Engagements
・The Bend of Time – OMEGA 3 or 4
Bleak Memory of the Dying・the Zadnor:Northern plateau Skirmishes
・Eden 1 or 2
Lurid Memory of the Dying・the Zadnor:Northern plateau Critical Engagements
・Eden 3 or 4

I’m glad to get it in the Zadnor Plateau this time!

② Items to collect next (only this for the second and subsequent items!)

From the second job onward, you only need to collect 15 of these!

Items to collectWhere to get
Raw Emotion・the Dalriada
・Delubrum Reginae
・Level 70 dungeon

You can get 3 of these in one “the Dalriada”, so thank you because you only have to make 5 laps.


Like the Eureka Weapon, why does the Machinist’s weapon enhancement event end up with a simple design?

So, it was a record of the final form of the resistance weapon of the Machinist, “Blade’s Ingenuity“.

▼ Check out the video to see what the effects look like!

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