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Glowing Gatling Gun Anima Weapon “Hyperconductive Armageddon”

This is a shining version of my favorite Armageddon that I introduced before.

Hyperconductive Armageddon

You can get it by advancing the stage of Anima Weapon(AW)one step from Armageddon.

Finding Your Voice

It looks the same as Armageddon when it’s just carried.

Oh, I love this figure on the back… It has a cool metallic glow ✨ (I dye it with soot black to make it matte)

Very fine decoration ✨

It glows when you remove the sword, but it has a slightly different glow.

The light does not wrap around, but is transmitted through the body and shines.


I wonder if the main unit broke for a moment…

It may be a technique that can be done because it is an artificial spirit.

I think that it’s a way of shining that you can like and dislike.


But I like the feeling of fighting with artificial spirits.

Hyperconductive Armageddon

アニマウェポン機工士銃『アルマゲドン・コンダクト』~Final Fantasy XIV~

Anima Weapon (AW) Machinist’s Arm “All Stages” Look Summary

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