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Machinist’s gun “Deathlocke Lux” which is the final type of anima weapon

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.

Machinist Arm

The final type of Machinist gun in the Anima weapon(AW)story “Deathlocke Lux

Best Friends Forever

This is the final model and the light condition is amazing.

▼ This is…

▼ This will happen!

I wonder if it’s a dragon… When you sword, this gun wears an aura like a pale dragon.

Normally, it is a relatively thin gun, and it does not feel much volume even if it is carried on its back.

Even from the front, there is almost no presence.

However, it is a great impact if you take out the sword!

What’s more, this “Deathlocke Lux” is different from the pre-evolution “Deathlocke” and I’m happy to be able to dye it.

The Flame Dragon Appears · Anima Weapons Machinist Gun “Deathlocke” – Norirow Note

Basically, the whole gun looks like gold, but this one in the photo is dyed with charcoal gray (it becomes silvery)

It looks like a Legacy of Allag.

Weapons strengthening events are quite difficult, but Anima weapons have a wonderful story, so I recommend it ✨


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Yes !


Anima Weapon (AW) Machinist’s Arm “All Stages” Look Summary

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