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Privacy Policy

This is an explanation of the handling of personal information and similar information on this site Norirow Note. Based on the “Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information”, this site has established the “Basic Policy for the Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)” as shown below and states that it will endeavor to properly manage and protect the information.

Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection (Privacy Policy)

  1. Basically, we do not collect personal information.
  2. If we collect personal information, we will clearly state how and for what purpose we will use the personal information, and will not use it for any purpose other than the stated purpose.
  3. We will not obtain personal information by false or other unauthorized means. When we get it, we will notify or announce the purpose of use to the person in question.
  4. We will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures in order to prevent the leakage or loss of personal information when it is acquired.
  5. We will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the person in advance. However, this does not apply in cases where it is required by law to protect human life, body or property, when it is particularly necessary for public health or the sound development of children, and when cooperating with the government.

We operate this site based on the above policy.

Regarding the acquisition of personal information and similar information

Basically, the following is the only personal information and corresponding information on this site.

  • Cookies Recording Information

We use access analysis services and advertisement distribution services in operating this site. Some of them record information through cookies. However, the recorded information does not include anything that identifies an individual, such as name, telephone number, or email address.

Regarding the use of acquired information

Regarding Cookies, information may be used by the partner (specified below) for access analysis of information or as marketing information to improve services, but there is no information that identifies an individual. In addition, we site operators do not know the information content.

About access analysis, advertisement distribution service, etc. used on this site

We use the following access analysis services and advertisement distribution services on this site.

About access analysis service

We use the following access analysis services on this site. These use cookies for analysis of access to this site, and may record traffic data. Please check the details of each service for the information collected and collected by these services.

  • WordPress.com (JetPack)
  • GoogleAnalytics

About advertisement distribution services

We use the following advertising services on this site.

  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon Associate Program
  • Rakuten affiliate
  • Value commerce

These advertisement distribution services may use information “cookies” regarding access to this site and other sites in order to display advertisements of products and services according to your interests.

However, we do not get personally identifiable information from these links.

And the products etc. listed in these are not actually managed and sold by us, so please contact each operating company or each store for inquiries. Please note that we are not responsible for this site.

And for more information about Google Adsense, and how to prevent this information from being used for ad serving services, see Google’s Policies and Terms.

The above is the privacy policy of this site.