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Summoner’s Resistance Weapon (RW) Second Form-The glowing book “Espiritus Recollection” in which the wings of Bahamut appear

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



This is a record of the Summoner’s Resistance Weapon Second Form book “Espiritus Recollection“.


Oh, a beautiful purple book shines!

If you just equip it on your waist, it is exactly the same as the first form of “Espiritus“.

However, I’m happy that I can now dye.


Dyeing pattern

The purple part and the feather decoration are dyed.

Original Color

Snow White

Soot Black

Honey Yellow

Olive Green


All colors are lightly dyed and nice ♪

And when you hold the book, it glows.

A number of rings appear on the outside of the book. It’s a very beautiful effect.

If you look closely, you can see some wings.

Is it Bahamut’s wings?


Something like a magic circle also emerges inside.

The book is sandwiched between magic circles.

There is also an effect that glitters with the feeling of afterglow. I don’t think the photos alone will convey it, so please check it out in the video below!


It ’s a very beautiful effect, is n’t it?

How to evolve

The evolution to this second form requires the steps of ① Espiritus → ② Augmented Espiritus → ③ Espiritus Recollection.

② How to make Augmented Espiritus

First of all, how to make ② Augmented Espiritus”

You need to collect 20 items each, “Tortured Memory of the Dying“, “Sorrowful Memory of the Dying“, and “Harrowing Memory of the Dying“.

These three items will drop within the Bozjan Southern Front Front area. Also, drop 100% at F.A.T.E. in the Heavensward & Stormblood area. You may collect them in Bozjan to raise the level and obtain other items.

③ How to make an Espiritus Recollection

Next, you need to collect 6 items called “Bitter Memory of the Dying“.

You can also collect this in the Bozjan Southern Front, but it is actually faster to collect it there because you will always drop one in the leveling roulette or Lv60 dungeon. (Leveling roulette is once a day, Lv60 dungeon cannot be lifted)

This is a beautiful and fashionable book, so I definitely want to evolve it.


So, it was a record of the Summoner’s Resistance Weapon (RW) second form “Espiritus Recollection“.

▼ Please check the effect in the video!

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