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“Enhancing Sword & Ritter Shield” The Most Beautiful Paladin Sword & Shield “Rose Knight”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.

Paladin Arm

This Paladin equipment has a really beautiful design. You can see that it is popular.


A knight of roses?

Especially the design impact of the shield is very strong. And it’s quite big.

The decoration is really beautiful.

I thought it was a feather decoration, but the birds were facing each other.

When I look closely, I feel that it is not a rose…


When Lalafell carries his back, it looks like this.

The sword also has a wide blade and has an impact.

It seems that the beads at the tip of the handle are slightly shining.

It is available at Castrum Abania.

I love this Castrum Abania. Because all the equipments available here are nice. (The dungeon itself doesn’t look like this… lol)

The scholar’s book “Ethica” mentioned in this story, which I introduced before, will also be dropped in the same dungeon.

[Glamours] A set of scholar’s equipment longing for steampunk

It’s a really beautiful design that should be called The Paladin.


Like the Royal Knights.

It’s a wonderful equipment that raises the tension.

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