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[Glamour] A set of scholar’s equipment longing for steampunk

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.


This time, I would like to introduce my favorite Glamours, a scholar who longed for steampunk.


The point is to equip a hat and arms. And a book.

Arms and books are for scholars only.


Coordination list

【Hands】Savant’s Aethercell Gloves

Especially this arm equipment has a great impact.

The scholar’s AF2 originally had a steampunk-like design, but “Savant’s Aethercell Gloves” has a reddish design and was a little hard to wear, so I dyed it with soot black.

【Head】Diabolic Hat of Healing

And I also changed the hat to “Diabolic Hat of Healing” available at Dun Scaith.

I also like the scholar AF2’s “Savant’s Aethercell Gloves,” but I personally found that it had a better sense of volume.


And the scholarly weapon “Ethica.” It is available in Castrum Abania. (All the equipment you can get in this dungeon is fashionable and I love it!)


Well, you might say this book isn’t steampunk, but I couldn’t miss it because it’s so cute.

Norirow was longing for steampunk, but he couldn’t do it…


When you open the book, the butterflies fly away and it’s really cute.

I’m always a Machinist, but the moment I see this hat and arm equipment, I want to be a Scholar! I remember that I hurriedly raised the level.

It’s a nice and favorite set of equipment that allows me to immerse myself in the steampunk world.

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