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[Glamours] “Gemfiend’s Vest,” the fashionable outfit of Goldsmith

It’s for Goldsmith only, but this outfit is really cool!

Goldsmith Lv80AF equipmentGemfiend’s Vest.”


I think it’s really cool to wear such formal clothes roughly.

The waist is equipped with engraving tools such as pliers.

By the way, I wear these on this “Gemfiend’s Vest.”

As you can see by taking off the gloves, this dress is fashionable with three-quarter sleeves.

There are many tools such as scissors on the back.


Unfortunately, dyeing is not possible.

It would be better if it could be dyed, but this color is cool and cool.


You can get this outfit for 125 “White Crafters” Scrip’s at every Scrip Exchange.

My favorite clothes. I often wear it as everyday wear ✨

彫金師のおしゃれ装備『ジェムフィーンド・ベスト』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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