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Characters: The Note family

Introducing the people who appear in this “Norirow Note”!

Three members of a certain Note family leave daily records in this Note.

*Norirow Note.。.:*


Hello !

An adventurer who lives quietly in the remote forest.

He’s always out on treasure hunt adventures with Namingway.

As he saw many treasures, he thought that if he carefully selected and recorded truly wonderful treasures, it might be useful to someone someday, so he began to leave this memoir.

He has quite a habit of collecting, and if there is a treasure he wants, he will be so absorbed in his quest that he often doesn’t go home. Each time he is scolded by his sister Noriko.

He is timid. But he also has a competitive side.

He has changed his main job quite a lot in his adventures so far. At first, he started as a Dragoon, but he never mastered it, and after that, he went through Warriors, Dark Knights, Machinists, Gunbreakers, Scholars, Reapers, etc., and now he mainly plays Paladins (learned by Noriko-chan). When he finds equipment that he likes, he has a habit of changing his main job accordingly.

Also, he is not good at magic.

For some reason, he has a complex about being a Lalafell boy.



yeah? what is this?

Probably the Loporrits.

When he was being attacked by a monster, Norirow saved him (although, as a novice adventurer, Norirow was completely useless and the two of them escaped with their lives), and they have been adventuring together ever since.

The most dependable person in the family. A little dry.

Recently, he has also accompanied Noriko on her adventures. He’s practically the most adventurous and fairly experienced in the Family.

And he knows things. He knows a lot about the origins of the names of weapons and equipment, as they bear the name “Namingway.

Calling Norirow “Norirow-san” is not a form of respect, it’s just a nickname.

He runs away when I try to pet him. Quite a “Tsundere.”

*Noriko Note.。.:*


Hi !

Norirow’s younger sister. Compared to her brother, she is quite sociable, lively, steady and bright.

Her favorite phrase is “I am strong!”

She started adventuring out of disgust with her timid brother, but as she followed in her brother’s footsteps, she found out about his many harsh adventures and successes, and seems to have reconsidered her brother a bit. Since then, she wants to be with her brother all the time, but every day she is frustrated by her brother who doesn’t come home easily once he goes out.

Unlike her brother, she doesn’t have a strong attachment to treasures, as long as she has something cute, that’s fine. She especially likes the green one.

When building the house for her siblings, she asked her brother to make the interior mainly green. She also made her brother build the bath and kitchen, saying they were essential, but she is still learning to cook and is actually not very good at it.

Her main job is Paladin. She also enjoys being a White Mage, a Samurai, and a Summoner, and recently seems to be practicing Dancing.

She is a hardcore “Tsundere”.