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A cute fairy accordion gun “Menacing Moggle Mog Gun”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



I think such a cute gun is very rare ☞ “Menacing Moggle Mog Gun.”


This is a gun with a Moogle motif that everyone loves.

I wonder if everyone loves Moogle?


This is a version of “Menacing Mog Gun” available in “Thornmarch (Hard)” with effects.

However, this “Menacing Moggle Mog Gun” (similarly named and confusing lol) can be made with the blacksmith Lv50, and now it’s sold quite cheaply on the market board, so it’s a very nice gun.

It has a very cute design!

It’s so cute just to carry it

This gun is a very elaborate effect where notes pop out with the light when it is set and the Moogle part opens and closes like an accordion.

Moreover, it is cute to hear the sound “Kupoo!” ♪

(You can’t see it in the picture, right?… If you like it, please check the video below!)

And since there aren’t many guns that keep moving like this, in addition to being cute, it is a gun that grabs the hearts of gimmick lovers.

A fairy tale, a really cute and precious gun.

Sometimes it’s a gun I want to carry around.

Menacing Moggle Mog Gun

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