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Fashionable Western gunman-style Machinist AF4 equipment “Gunslinger” series and dyeing pattern (Lalafell Men’s Ver.)

I found a wonderful treasure today.

This is the “Gunslinger” series equipped with the very fashionable Machinist AF4.


It’s cool, so I recommend you to be a Machinist to wear it.

Mechanic Artifact (AF) 4 “Gunslinger” Series

These can be obtained by completing the Lv80 roll quest and advancing the story.

The color condition is also very well balanced.


The glasses on the hat are removable.


I’m glad that you can see through the goggles properly.

The torso equipment is asymmetrical with the ribbon slightly shifted to the side. The arms are long and the sleeves are wide, so it’s quite fashionable.

Overall, it has the same decoration as the Sky Pirates series.


The boots are particularly over-decorated.

There is a cartridge case belt on the back and it is very cool.

Dyeing pattern

Also, although these equipments themselves cannot be dyed, you can get these dyeable models at Memoria Misera (Extreme).

Snow White

Ink Blue


The original color is so cool that you may not have to get a model that can be dyed by force.

So, it was a record of the Machinist’s AF4 equipment “Ganslinger” series.

▼ Please check the video for detailed movements of the equipment !

機工士AF4・ララフェル男子『ガンスリンガー』シリーズ(染色パターン)~Final Fantasy XIV~

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