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Chocobo armor “Saintly Barding” in a cute Santa costume for Christmas

This is the cute Santa costume chocobo armor “Saintly Barding” for Christmas.


This chocobo outfit is for Christmas, but if you look closely, it’s very elaborate and cute.

I envy the chocobo because he can change his outfit …


The hat looks very warm, and the fur is flowing from the face to the back, which is very nice.

The design around the neck is also fashionable, and the leather bag on the left side is also a very elaborate point.

The decoration of the wings is also a belt specification and it is cute.

The costume is red overall, but the chair has a green color that seems to be Christmas color.

He has luggage behind him.


Is it a Christmas present ?

The legs are also attached with bells and are very cute.

The running figure is very cute.

It’s like a reindeer that delivers Christmas gifts when he flies.


This chocobo armor “Saintly Barding” is a billing equipment that can be purchased at the FF14 online store.

I’m glad that the price is set at a fairly low price of $ 7.


I’m really happy that my adventure partner, Chocobo, can change clothes.


I wish Minions could change their clothes too.

So it was a record of the Christmas chocobo armor “Saintly Barding“.

▼ Please check the video for movements !

【チョコボ装甲】クリスマスサンタ衣装『セイント・バード』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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