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Chocobo armor “Titania Barding” with beautiful and cute big butterfly wings

This is the chocobo armor “Titania Barding” that imitates the appearance of the fairy king Titania.


It’s the most beautiful and cute outfit of all the chocobo armor.

The white costume is decorated with large butterfly wings.

The wings of the butterfly are quite large, so it has a considerable impact when viewed from the front or the back.

The pink color on the white outfit is very cute.


The appearance of the chocobo running makes me feel very adorable.

This chocobo armor “Titania Barding” is a crafter work of Armourer Lv80.
It can be made using the “Dancing Wing” that are rarely available in The Dancing Plague (Extreme). So you can buy it on the market board.

Well, it’s quite expensive to buy on the market board.


I think it’s okay if it’s so cute !

So, it was an introduction of the very beautiful and cute chocobo armor “Titania Barding.”

▼ Check out the video to see how the costumes move !

【チョコボ装甲】ティターニア・バード ~Final Fantasy XIV~

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