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This is too cute…? Mount “Spriggan Stonecarrier”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



This is a little too cute…

Spriggan Stonecarrier Horn

It’s too cute and a little embarrassing for a Larafel boy… (๑•﹏•) lol

It puts a little on top of the basket…

This Spriggan is so desperate when running…! lol

▼Official commentary

Grown to a prodigious size by virtue of its appetite, this spriggan was choking on a chunk of ore when it was found and saved by a band of miners. Seeking to repay the kindness of men, it took to carrying their burdens, which apparently includes men themselves.


I see… but after all, carrying me is heavy. I’ll change it later.

But you can’t lift it because it’s bigger than you ?


Somehow he seems to carry a lot of jewelry and sunflowers in his bag. The butterflies are cute together.

And while he seems to suffer when he runs, he looks very happy when he flies, so I was relieved ✨

Jewels are shining around him ✨

This is a billing mount, so it’s nice that anyone can get it at any time.

Spriggan is surprisingly big!

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