~ May your Eorzean days be filled with happiness ! ~

[Housing] I want to make a house that makes me want to return

I wanted to make a house that makes me want to come back.

A place where I can feel at ease and relax.

I introduced the room in the basement (a hideaway of a machinist who longed for steampunk), but this is the first floor of my S House.

I hope I can live properly.

Then will I come back from the adventure with peace of mind?

Housing is really interesting.


Even with the content of this housing, I think it was really nice to be in this Eorzea world. ✨

【ハウジング・ウォークスルー】現在のウチのSハウスの様子。リビングから地下工房まで。~Final Fantasy XIV~

Since the lighting is 0, it may be quite dim.


Thank you for reading. See you !:)