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[Housing] A hideaway of a machinist who longs for steampunk

The basement of my house is like this.

I’m a Machinist,

Therefore, steam and gears will inevitably increase.


It seems messy and dirty, but since the sterilization system is installed under the bed, it is always clean✨lol

Do you clean up once in a while?


To make sure, I wash my hands first when I go down the stairs. (Mechanism that evaporates immediately by the heat of the fireplace)

It’s dim, but I’m comfortable and I have no trouble in my life.

It was a hideaway for a Machinist who longed for steampunk.

【ハウジング・ウォークスルー】ちょっとスチームパンクに憧れた機工士の隠れ家 ~Final Fantasy XIV~

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