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The Dancing Plague (Extreme) Titania Dragon Mount “Fae Gwiber”

Mount “Fae Gwiber“, which is rarely available in The Dancing Plague (Extreme).


This dragon has a beautiful color. Glittering effect.

Isn’t this mount somehow reminiscent of Dragon Quest…?


I’m glad to be able to hold the reins tightly.

And it’s cute that it’s equipped with something like armor.

This dragon has a cute running figure.

And take off.

It’s a beautiful and pretty dragon✨

Desiring to recreate the fantastical beast known as the dragon, a sorcerer from ages past fashioned a horn imbued with Titania’s power. The creature which answers the sound is aglow with fae magicks.

(Official commentary)

極ティターニア討滅戦マウント『ピクシーグイベル』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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