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[Glamour] “Lakeland Coat of Aiming” that inspired me to become a Machinist

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



Eorzea has a lot of fashionable and nice equipment.

One day, when I cleared the dungeon called “Holminster Switch“, I happened to get this “Lakeland Coat of Aiming” clothes.

I fell in love at first sight.


What an elegant and fashionable outfit! I want to wear this ✨

I thought so strongly.

…But I was a Dark Knight at the time, and I couldn’t wear Physical Ranged DPS gear.

After that, I decided to change jobs to a Machinist.

I loved the Dark Knight so much… I thought I didn’t have to raise that level of other jobs so much…

I decided to change the main job lightly, and quickly raised the level of the machinist who is a corner of Physical Ranged DPS.

For me, this clothes was so attractive and ideal.

Nowadays, my main job is a Machinist. I can’t handle other jobs well.

Eorzea has a lot of fashionable and wonderful clothes that change your life.

It’s a truly mysterious and wonderful world.


This is a very detailed dress. The decoration of key points is very nice.

The ribbon around my arm is one of my favorite parts.

The fluffy three-dimensional structure on the back and the length are just right and beautiful.

And I wear these favorite clothes in line with this “Lakeland Coat of Aiming“.

Lakeland Physical Ranged DPS equipment

By the way, these are the equipment sets for the Physical Ranged DPS available on the Holminster Switch.

Huh, thief…?


Fine. There is a gimmick that you can remove the eye mask.

The weapon is a black gun like this.

Unfortunately this clothes cannot be dyed. However, different job clothes exist in different colors.

▼ “Plague Bringer’s Coat” for Magical Ranged DPS

▼ “Plague Doctor’s Coat” for Healer

▼ “Facet Coat of Crafting” for Disciples of the Hand (dyeable)

All are cool ✨

I can only be so happy with clothes.

There are many ways to enjoy this world.

It is a very attractive and wonderful world ✨

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