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Dark Knight Sword of Roses that can be dyed, Dohn Mheg “Fae Guillotine”

This is the Fark Knight Arm “Fae Guillotine” that has the same design as that rose dark sword “Cruadin” and can also be dyed.


This design is really good.

I’m glad I can dye it because Cruadin was so cute.


Dyeing pattern

The original color is a beautiful purple pattern. The pattern part changes when dyed.

Original Color

Snow White

Wine Red

The body of “Cruadin” is a little brownish and has a natural color, while this “Fae Guillotine” has a gray body, so it has a slightly inorganic image.

A fairly elaborate design from the handle to the tip of the blade.

When you pull out the sword, a part of it glows a little. It may be a little difficult to see how it shines, but please check it out in the video below.


It may be easier to match with various clothes than Cruadin.

This “Fae Guillotine” can be obtained at Dohn Mheg.

Dohn Mheg’s weapons are all pretty.


So, it was a record of the dark rose sword “Fae Guillotine” that can be dyed.

▼ Please check the video to see how it shines a little !

染色できる薔薇の暗黒剣『フェイディバイダー』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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