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Dark Knight Resistance Weapon (RW) Evolution Fourth Form (Fifth Stage) Sword that emits purple light “Augmented Law’s Order Zweihander”

This is the “Augmented Law’s Order Zweihander“, the fourth form (fifth stage) of the Dark Knight’s Resistance Weapon (RW).


The original sword design was cool, but the way it shines is also nice!

If you just carry it on your back, it is exactly the same as the previous stage “Law’s Order Zweihander“.

The design feels very noble, and the sword tip has a very sharpened finish like hairline processing.

When the sword is pulled out, it emits purple light.

The dark sword feels scary, but it may be beautiful.


It is a way of shining with afterglow. I don’t think the photo will tell you how bright it is, so check it out in the video below!

The center of the sword is the most shining.


This is pretty cool!

You can see the design of the sword tip properly.

The light of the “Law’s Order” series is good because you can see the original weapon design.


How to get

After receiving the quest at Gangos with the previous stage “Law’s Order Zweihander” obtained …

In the case of the first one

① You need to collect 18 “Haunting Memory of the Dying” and 18 “Vexatious Memory of the Dying“. Available in FATE in the Stormblood area or in the Shadow of Mhach and Return to Ivalice dungeons. Since it is not a fixed drop in FATE, I feel that it is more efficient to go around the dungeon.

② You need to collect 15 “Timeworn Artifact“. It’s available at the Palace of the Dead or Gunhild Dilubram, but the Palace of the Dead doesn’t seem to be a definite drop, so it may be faster to go around Delubrum Reginae.

For the second and subsequent ones

For the second and subsequent ones, only ② above is OK. (① is only once!)


This dark sword is cool, so I wanted to evolve it so far.

So, it was a record of the Dark Knight’s Resistance Weapon (RW) 4th Form (5th Stage) “Augmented Law’s Order Zweihander“.

▼ Check out the video to see what the effects look like!

暗黒騎士のレジスタンスウェポン(RW)進化 第四形態(第五段階)『ジャッジオーダー・ツヴァイハンダーRE』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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