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Scholar’s Resistance Weapon (RW) Evolution Fourth Form (Fifth Stage) Shining antique spellbook “Augmented Law’s Order Codex”

This is the scholar’s Resistance Weapon (RW) 4th form (5th stage) “Augmented Law’s Order Codex


A cute antique book shines!

If you carry it on your waist, it is exactly the same as the previous stage “Law’s Order Codex“.

A book with a very cute classic design, with bookmarks, cards, notepads, test tubes, etc. sandwiched between leather book bands.

The feeling of being used is fashionable.


It glows green when you hold it.


Oh, is this also the way the fairy wings shine?

Since scholars are related to fairies, I feel that there are many effects like fairy wings (like butterfly wings?).

It glows like a flame, leaving an afterglow. I think it’s hard to convey the effect if it’s just a photo, so check out the video below!

The contents of the book are described in detail.

This book seems to be easy to read even if it shines!


▼ This is an example of a book that is dazzling and difficult to read lol

The gentle light makes it easy to see the cute decorations on the outside.


It’s better not to be too dazzling.

And I’m happy to be able to dye it.


Dyeing pattern

Since the entire book can be dyed, the image changes dramatically.

Original Color

Snow White

Storm Blue

Rust Red

Loam Brown

How to get

After receiving the quest at Gangos with the previous stage “Law’s Order Codex” obtained …

In the case of the first one

① You need to collect 18 “Haunting Memory of the Dying” and 18 “Vexatious Memory of the Dying“. Available in FATE in the Stormblood area or in the Shadow of Mhach and Return to Ivalice dungeons. Since it is not a fixed drop in FATE, I feel that it is more efficient to go around the dungeon.

② You need to collect 15 “Timeworn Artifact“. It’s available at the Palace of the Dead or Gunhild Dilubram, but the Palace of the Dead doesn’t seem to be a definite drop, so it may be faster to go around Delubrum Reginae.

For the second and subsequent ones

For the second and subsequent ones, only ② above is OK. (① is only once!)

It’s pretty good.


It’s worth the effort to evolve such a cute book!

So, it was a record of the scholar’s Resistance Weapon (RW) 4th form (5th stage) “Augmented Law’s Order Codex“.

▼ Please check the video to see the effects!

学者のレジスタンスウェポン(RW)第四形態(第五段階)『ジャッジオーダー・コーデックスRE』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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