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Scholar’s Resistance Weapon (RW) Final Form (Sixth Stage) A cute book of glowing rape blossoms “Blade’s Wisdom”

I found a wonderful treasure today.

This is a record of “Blade’s Wisdom,” the final form of the scholar’s resistance weapon (sixth stage).


Happy! The final form of the Resistance Weapon is finally complete!

It’s a beautiful book with a luxurious exterior.


And when you open the book, it glows!

Something like green ivy wraps around the book, revealing a noble emblem on the exterior.

And inside the book, there is an effect like yellow petals!


Wow! It’s a really cute effect! Like rape blossoms!

I was worried about the reputation of this before, but it’s really cute.


The yellow petals and the green ivy are arranged in a very cute balance.

And dyeing is also possible.

Dyeing pattern

Wine Red


If you make it red, it will be even more cute!

Olive Green

It’s dyed very nicely.


If you get this “Blade’s Wisdom“, you will be able to purchase the non-shining version “Matte Replica Blade’s Wisdom” at Gangos.

Non-shining “Replica Blade’s Wisdom MF”

How to evolve into the final form

In addition, in order to make this Resistance Weapon the final form, it is necessary to evolve to the previous stage “Augmented Law’s Order”, order the quest with Gangos, and then collect the following items.

① Items to collect first (first time only)

Only for the first one, you need to collect 30 of the following.

Items to collectWhere to get
Compact Axle・the Zadnor:Southern Plateau Skirmishes
・Alexander 1 or 2
Compact Spring・the Zadnor:Southern Plateau Critical Engagements
・Alexander 3 or 4
A Day in the Life: Battles for the Realm・the Zadnor:Western plateau Skirmishes
・The Bend of Time – OMEGA 1 or 2
A Day in the Life: Beyond the Rift・the Zadnor:Western plateau Critical Engagements
・The Bend of Time – OMEGA 3 or 4
Bleak Memory of the Dying・the Zadnor:Northern plateau Skirmishes
・Eden 1 or 2
Lurid Memory of the Dying・the Zadnor:Northern plateau Critical Engagements
・Eden 3 or 4

This time, I was very happy because it was relatively easy to collect in the Zadnor!

② Items to collect next (only this for the second and subsequent items!)

From the second job onward, you only need to collect 15 of these!

Items to collectWhere to get
Raw Emotion・the Dalriada
・Delubrum Reginae
・Level 70 dungeon

You can get 3 in the “the Dalriada”, so it’s recommended because you only have to make 5 laps!


I’m glad that the final stage was surprisingly easy to evolve!

So, it was a record of the scholar’s resistance weapon final form (sixth stage) “Blade’s Wisdom“.

▼ Check out the video to see how the glowing effects look like!

学者のレジスタンスウェポン最終形態(第6段階)『ブレイズウィズダム』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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