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The scholar’s blue crystal spellbook “Bluespirit Codex”

This is the scholar’s blue crystal weapon “Bluespirit Codex


It has a Crystal Tower atmosphere and is my favorite series.

Everything in this series is beautiful and cool.


In addition, it always feels faintly shining, and it also shines faintly when I carry it on my waist.

It’s a trapezoidal or fan-shaped book.

The binding is also quite luxuriously decorated.

The magic crest style written on the inside is also cool.

This “Bluespirit Codex” is a crafter-made weapon, so you can purchase it on the market board. And there is also a different color “Exarchic Codex“.


Because it’s FINAL FANTASY, crystal weapons are full of feelings.

So it was a record of the Crystal Scholar Mage Book “Bluespirit Codex“.

▼ Please check the video to see how it glows faintly !

学者のクリスタル武器『ブルースピリットコーデックス』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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