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Legendary Beast Mount “Grani” (Bonus of Shadowbringers Collector’s Edition)

This is the special mount “Grani” of Shadowbringers Collector ’s Edition.


It is a mount that symbolizes the Shadowbringers edition that appeared in the PV of Shadowbringers.

It’s a cool phantom beast that lives together with dignity and nobility.


There are long horns and a painful mane on the head.

There are many noble decorations around the face.

When riding, it’s a little unstable because I’m just holding the saddle.


I want you to grab the reins … 💦

He wears a purple garment at his feet.

The tail is also long.

It is a mount with a very elaborate decoration as a whole.

Really Shadowbringers! I like it


Possessed of a strength of both mind and body that is unmatched in the First, as a mount, Grani has no peer on land nor in the heavens. It is said, however, the noble creature will only accept a rider who has pledged to restore shadow to a land bereft of night.(From the official setting)

When he takes off, the purple robe he wore opens wide and gracefully dances in the sky.


Like a celestial maiden !

The appearance of flying while fluttering and this big garment is quite characteristic.

It is one of the valuable mounts with a unique design and deformation gimmick.

This mount “Grani” is a bonus that comes with the purchase of Shadowbringers Collector’s Edition. If you already have Shadowbringers, you can get one by doing a digital upgrade at Mog Station.


I love Shadowbringers so it’s a nice mount to immerse yourself in that mood.

So, it was a record of the legendary phantom beast mount “Grani“.

▼ Check out the video to see how the mount works !

幻獣マウント『グラニ』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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