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[Glamours] Doma’s Samurai General Cosplay “Gosetsu’s Attire” (Lalafell Ver.)

This is the “Gosetsu’s Attire” where you can cosplay Doma’s Samurai General Gosetsu.


It is a characteristic equipment with a head cap.

It was wild when Gousetsu wore it, but it’s a little cute when Lalafell wears it (humorously).


Gosetsu’s Attire

This costume set is a billing equipment that can be purchased at the FF14 online store. (Men only)

The cap of the head equipment is characteristic, and the design is unique. It seems to be useful when you want to be a samurai.

As for the torso equipment, the ornament of the large rope around the neck and the waistband made of beads are eye-catching.

The arm equipment is a gauntlet accented with a purple string.

The legs are thick trouser type hakama, so you can use it for other purposes.


I wanted this hakama, so I bought it …

The foot equipment is clogs that cover the top of the ankle.

If you take off your hat, it feels a little wild even in Lalafell.


It is a gem that is useful when you want to cosplay as a samurai because it is an equipment that you can wear other than samurai jobs.


I like Gosetsu more than anything else, so I’m kind of happy

So, it was a record of the FF14 online store billing equipment “Gosetsu’s Attire” that allows you to cosplay Gosetsu.

▼ Please check the video for the movement of the fabric !

【ミラプリ】『ゴウセツ・コスチュームセット』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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