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[Glamours] A little noble and easy-to-use fashionable clothes “Woolen Bliaud” that can be worn for all jobs

This is a fashionable outfit “Woolen Bliaud” that can be worn for all jobs and easily purchased at shops in each country.


This outfit is readily available, but it feels a little noble and I like it.

By the way, what I’m wearing here is

There are several different colors, but this orthodox “Woolen Bliaud” has a brown neck, so I think it’s easy to coordinate.

The leather used here and there is also fashionable, isn’t it ?


The fabric is a warm sweater material.


The people of Foundation also wore it quite a lot.

I think that anything fits your feet. Here, I’m trying to match the check “Wind Silk Bottoms” with the boots “Serpent Sergeant’s Moccasins” that match the color of Woolen Bliaud’s leather.

Dyeing pattern

In addition, it can be dyed, so I am very happy that the range of coordination is wide.

Ink Blue

Shale Brown

Rust Red

It’s good because it seems easy to coordinate with any job.


So, it was a record of the easy-to-wear fashionable clothes “Woolen Bliaud” that can be worn for all jobs.

▼ Please check the video for the movement of the fabric !

【ミラプリ】全ジョブ着られるオシャレ服『ブリオー』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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