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Dyeable and fashionable antique wooden gunblade “Yaita Kai”

This is the gun breaker weapon “Yaita Kai.” This is a different color of “Wakasa Shin” and can be dyed.


I’m happy to be able to dye that fashionable design !

Compared to “Wakasa Shin,” the original color has a chic atmosphere based on black.

After all, this is a fashionable design around the cylinder and the barrel.


It is a gunblade that has a solid cylinder, is fashionable and can be dyed, and is quite easy to use.

Dyeing pattern

Original color

Gobbiebag Brown

Salmon Pink


By the way, the origin of the name is rather similar to “Wakasa Shin,” and this time it seems to be taken from the surname.

Wakasa (Wakasa, May 15, 1527-unknown year of death) is a woman from the Warring States period in Japan. Tanegashima’s swordsmith Yaita Kinbei Kiyosada’s daughter. It is said that when the guns were introduced in 1543, they married a Portuguese and contributed to the domestic production of Kinbei’s guns.


This “Yaita Kai” can be obtained in exchange for Allergan Tomestone: Poetics at Kugane or Rhalgr’s Reach.

It’s a precious fashionable wooden gun blade.


So, that was the record for the gun breaker weapon “Yaita Kai.”

▼ Please check the video for the movement of weapons

染色できる若狭・ガンブレード『八板【改】』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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