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SHADOWBRINGERS Thancred costume gun breaker AF4 equipment “bodyguard” series and dyeing pattern (Lalafell Men’s Ver.)

This is the “Bodyguard” series, which is the AF equipment of the gun breaker.


It’s a costume with a Thancred image.

AF4 equipment can be obtained by proceeding with the roll quest of the Lv80 tank.

However, the original color is dark blue, but if you want to dye it, you need to clear the Memoria Misera (Extreme).


↓ By the way, this is dyed with Snow White.


The head equipment is a mechanic eyepatch.

Is it a bit like Ghost in the Shell ?


The inside of the coat has a sturdy design like a bulletproof vest.


It’s not armor, but it’s a tank, so it seems to have high defense performance.

The equipment of the hand seems to be very strong, but it is fingerless so that the trigger of the gunblade can be easily pulled.

It’s cool that there are a lot of cartridge cases next to the coat.


The legs are also fairly well protected.

Gunbreaker AF equipment

Gunbreaker AF4 that can be dyed

▼ A version that can be dyed in the Memoria Misera (Extreme) is available.

Dyeing pattern

only body equipment is dyed

Original color

Snow White

Rust Red


When dyed with white, it’s completely finished with Thancred, which makes me happy.

So, it was a record of the “Bodyguard” series equipped with Gunbreaker AF4.

▼ Please check the video for the movement of the fabric !

ガンブレイカーAF4・ララフェル男子・サンクレッド衣装『ボディガード』シリーズ~Final Fantasy XIV~

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