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A futuristic, anima weapon Machinist gun with a beautiful glow “Sharpened Flame of the Dynast”

This is also an evolution of anima weapon(AW), but it’s my favorite gun.

It is a gun that has a sense of volume and is very beautiful in how it shines.

Sharpened Flame of the Dynast

When I carry it on my back, it has a strong presence.

With Lalafell, when I carry a small gun on my back, it always floats from my back. Therefore, I personally want to equip a big gun.

In that sense, this “Sharpened Flame of the Dynast” is just the right thickness and size for me to carry.

While I was carrying it, there were parts that glowed blue in places, and it looked a little like “Allagan”.


I wonder if I applied Allagan’s technology.

The design is a little too sharp and it’s futuristic, so it’s difficult to choose clothes, but I think this gun with a little retro feel and fine decoration is cool after all.

It looks like a handy vacuum cleaner.


eh !

It shines like a red or pink base and spreads like a ring around the barrel.

A very cool way of shining.

It’s about the end of the Anima Weapon Story’s growth process.

Future Proof

Creating an anima weapon now seems a little easier in the second half of the story.

I like the way it glows, so I can use it for a long time.✨

Sharpened Flame of the Dynast

アニマウェポン機工士銃『ダイナストファイア・シャープ』~Final Fantasy XIV~

Anima Weapon (AW) Machinist’s Arm “All Stages” Look Summary

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