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Valuable Japanese style matchlock “Kunitomo Shin”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.

Machinist Arm

I think this gun is very fashionable.

Machinist gun “Kunitomo Shin


Valuable matchlock-like Japanese design.

However, it has a fashionable decoration that seems to be influenced by Western culture.


This gun has a very nice black and white contrast and silver decoration. And the one point blue ribbon is very effective and brings out the cuteness.

It’s a small gun, but its elaborate design gives it a good presence.

Looking at the details, I think it is a really beautiful gun.

It drops in a dungeon called “Doma Castle“.

This is a gun with a beautiful color scheme and a cool design, so it feels easy to match with any clothes despite the Japanese design.

With my favorite gun, I sometimes take it out of the bag and enjoy watching it ✨

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