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Elegant rifle with a vintage feel “Crystarium Culverin”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.

Machinist Arm

This is a really beautiful rifle.

This gun has a classic look, but the one-point decoration makes it very elegant.


The red and blue emblems are also beautiful.

The decoration is somewhat gorgeous.


It’s a rifle, but I’m glad that the balance when carrying it is just right.

The red and blue emblems that are gently visible over my shoulder are also wonderful.

I think it’s a well-balanced gun with a cool feel.

This gun has no effect, but there are many things without the effect that the design of the gun itself is better.

Among the many guns, it is a favorite gun that competes for 1 or 2 ✨

Augmented Crystarium Culverin

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