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Red Mage’s AF5 Weapon, Transformable Dragon Rapier “Wild Rose”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.

Red Mage Arm

This is a record of the red mage’s AF5 weapon (artifact weapon that can be equipped from Lv89) “Wild Rose“.


Wow, what a cool rapier!

It’s a rapier with a noble feel, isn’t it?


When worn on the waist, it is a simple, elongated weapon.

The tip of the handle is gold and the middle part is silver.

The blade part is dark in color.

The floating crystal is also a simple crystal ball style.

And when you hold it, the blade part glows red.

In addition, a rotating dragon monument appears on the handle!


I like weapons with transforming gimmicks!

Be sure to check out the video below for the transformation gimmick that makes the dragon appear.

The blade has a high-class design with black pigment precipitated on a red base.

The red crystal part of the floating crystal is so beautiful that the surrounding scenery is reflected.

You should be able to obtain this “Wild Rose” somewhere as you progress through the Endwalker story.

Dyed pattern

You can also dye them by clearing the Endwalker caster job quest.

Snow White

Soot Black

Honey Yellow

Olive Green

Ceruleum Blue


By the way, “wild rose” means “a rose that grows wild”, right? Why is it a dragon…?

The weapon “Wild Rose” once appeared in FF2, so maybe the origin of the name comes from the crest of Fin’s country in FF2? I think the dragon represents the majesty of the Fin royal family.


I see, yesterday’s speculation was that the name of the AF5 costume was Atrophy, which is “so dignified that the opponent will shrink”, so in a way it’s perfect!

Video recording

I recorded the transformation gimmick that the dragon appears in the video!

So, it was a record of the red mage’s AF5 weapon “Wild Rose“.

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