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A fashionable dark knight sword that you can easily buy “Replica Allagan Guillotine”

Dark Knight Sword “Replica Allagan Guillotine

This is just an Arag civilization design, but it’s a dark sword with a very well-balanced and cool look✨

The volume feeling when Lalafell is on its back is not too long and not too thin, and it has a very good balance.


The origin of this is the “Allagan Guillotine“, which you can get with “The Binding Coil of Bahamut-Turn 5“, but this “replica” can be made with the Blacksmith Lv60 and is now very cheap to buy on the market board.

happy !


▼ The look of this pearl is also cool✨

It’s great that it keeps shining even when I’m on my back.

It’s a dark sword that you can easily get, but its design is excellent, so it’s a very useful weapon.

This is my favorite dark sword that I still love✨

暗黒騎士・両手剣『レプリカ・アラガン・ディバイダー』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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