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NieR:Automata collaboration “The Copied Factory” minion “Pod 054”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.


As a big fan of NieR:Automata, this is a really nice minion✨

It’s a pod! Pod!

This seems to be the name “Pod 054“, not “Pod 042” or “Pod 153”.

It’s a wonderful support unit.

I am happy that it is the same as the original design ✨

I also like the simple mechanical design.


There is a gimmick that puts out armament.

But this looks like a decoration.


Dug up in the depths of a factory fallen to ruin, this diminutive white machina was apparently designed to provide tactical support to a YoRHa. Though equipped with myriad functions, from support fire to advance conversation, none of these are operational at present. (From official commentary)

When the Copied Factory was first released, I couldn’t win the lot game, but now it’s relatively easy to get?

As a mechanic-loving Machinist, this is a gem minion that makes me very happy to follow along with it✨

With the pods together, I’m kind of happy to be able to travel in the mood of a longing “NieR”!

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