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A beautiful book with feathers, Garuda’s scholarly book “Embrace of the Vortex”

I found a wonderful treasure today.

This is a scholarly book “Embrace of the Vortex” with feathers dancing with Garuda as a motif.


It’s an evolved version of the Garuda weapon.

This is a version of the scholarly weapon Garuda’s Embrace available in the The Howling Eye (Hard) with effects.

It has a very elegant design and is quite fashionable even when you carry it around your waist.

When you open the book, the wings are beautiful.


The fluffy feathers are pretty beautiful, but I think it’s hard to tell in the photos, so check out the video below !

In addition, what is described in the book is a simple magic crest.

This “Embrace of the Vortex” is a crafter-made weapon that can be made by Alchemist Lv50, so you can purchase it on the market board.


Even though it’s a weapon with such a beautiful effect, I’m glad that it’s sold at a very low price on the market board.

It’s a fashionable weapon that you can equip even when you don’t have money.


So, it was a record of the scholarly book “Embrace of the Vortex” of the Garuda.

▼ Check out the video to see the effect of the feathers !

蛮神ガルーダの光る学者魔道書『ヴォーテックスエンブレイス』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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