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[Glamour] A slightly luxurious magician (actually Weaver) “Augmented Boltkeep’s Dreadnought”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.


This “Augmented Boltkeep’s Dreadnought” is an Weaver’s AF2.

Originally, it’s gorgeous because it’s red and shiny, so it’s a little embarrassing to wear, but I tried dyeing it with soot black to make it easier to wear.


A magician?

The accessories on the front side give off a magician feeling.

And the fur has a luxurious feel, like a noble magician.

However, when I saw that I had scissors on my back, I realized that I was a seamstress. lol

The bag is also cute.

And the sleeve design is so cute ✨

Coordinate set

All are dyed with soot black.

This outfit can be obtained in exchange for the Crafters’ Sclip Yellow Coin. (Rowena’s Representative in Foundation)

And… wearing the “Sable Death Mask” makes it even more mysterious…



But when Lalafell wears it, it doesn’t look so bad, right?

I’m pretty suspicious, right?


That’s why it was my favorite, Glamours, a magical Weaver Glamors with a little luxury.

Very comfortable to wear ✨

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