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“Innocent Gwiber” White Dragon Mount-The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme)

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



Pure white and clean dragon mount “Innocent Gwiber

A mount that is rarely available on The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme).


The dragon mount in this series has a pretty cute face.

He has a feature reminiscent of Dragon Quest.


He wears a white aura and is beautiful ✨

You can rest assured that you are holding the bridle firmly. (Sometimes I’m worried that it won’t fall because there’s a mount that I can’t grab. lol)

He has a little fashion at the base of his tail✨


It will fly gracefully!

Answering to a horn imbued with the almighty Innocence’s power, this draconic arcane entity is enveloped in the selfsame glow as the Lightwarden whence it takes its name. Rest assured it is not a sin eater.

(From official commentary)

The size of this dragon series can be just right.

Not too big, not too small ✨

A very cute dragon.

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This is a memory of the world of FINAL FANTASY 14.
I will write it down with gratitude for this world.
For someone someday. For some signpost. With prayer.
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