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“Gobwalker” Is this Tachikoma? Alexander-The Burden of the Father (Savage) Mount

This mount is often called “Tachikoma.” The official name is “Gobwalker Gear.”


However, rather than “Ghost in the Shell,” I think it is the aircraft that Aunt Dora who appears in “Castle in the Sky” rides…|д・) …

Cool or cute? Or rather, it’s a very comical design and movement mount.

This aircraft has one cannon, but it doesn’t look so strong, is it? lol

Also, this aircraft has a simple cockpit, and the control system has only two levers. I suppose it wasn’t originally for battle?

This aircraft vibrates violently, and I feel like I’m going to hurt in this chair…

It’s quite noisy when walking. Is it like a prototype?

Originally designed to be a less-fickle replacement for pack raptors, the gobwalker was quickly reoutfitted into a tool of war after it took twenty goblins to chase down and topple a walker that had gone out of control and destroyed an entire workshop. (From official setting)

I see.

When it flies, its wings come out and flaps.


Look! Don’t you think it’s like an aunt Dora’s crew rides in “Castle in the Sky”?

The energy tank in the back looks kind of clunky, but it creates a good atmosphere again.

This aircraft is available at “Alexander – The Burden of the Father (Savage).” Now it should be easy if you go “Unsynced” with enough people.

It is a rustic design that grabs the hearts of mecha lovers.


I wish there were other colors. (Especially the green that that little fish character often uses…)

Norirow-san, why do you like the peculiar green of that little fish character…


Anyway, it is a comical and cute body.

The BGM of Alexander when riding is also cool ✨

機工城アレキサンダー零式:起動編4・マウント“タチコマ”『ゴブリウォーカー』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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