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Chocobo armor “Highland Barding” that was warm and cute

I found a wonderful treasure today.

This is a fluffy and cute chocobo armor “Highland Barding


In winter, I want my chocobo to wear this outfit.

Chocobo armor with the same design as the human “Highland” series.

The body part is the same beige as the human “Highland” series, but the wings and head equipment are based on black.

It’s fluffy and cute.


A cute design with bonbons in places.

The back side of the leg equipment has the same structure as the gold button on the back of the sleeve of “Highland Smock“.

The saddle looks like wood.

It’s very cute to wear together in the Highland series.

This “Highland Barding” is a crafter production equipment, so you can purchase it on the market board.


This is a chocobo armor that warms my heart very much.

In this world, I’m very happy to be able to travel the world with chocobos and feed them.


Thank you for always being with me.

So, it was a record of the fluffy chocobo armor “Highland Barding“.

▼ Please check the video for the movement of the fabric !

【チョコボ装甲】『ハイランド・バード』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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