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[Glamours] A sweater with a very warm muffler and accessories “Adventure sweater”

This is a very warm fashionable sweater “Adventuring Sweater


It’s so cute with this sweater, muffler and accessories.

By the way, what I’m wearing here is …

The accessory design is also very fashionable.


The knitting pattern of the sweater is also very cute.

There is also a simple sweater “Winter Sweater” without a muffler.

By the way, this “Adventuring Sweater” is a crafter production equipment, so you can purchase it on the market board.

It may be a good gift.

It feels great to wear in pairs.


Dyeing pattern

The original color is a dark gray and green muffler. When dyed, the sweater and muffler will be dyed in similar colors.

Original Color

Snow White

Wine Red

Marsh Green


It’s a sweater that makes me feel very memorable and warm.

So, it was a record of the sweater “Adventuring Sweater” that I recommended this winter.

▼ Please check the video for the movement of the fabric !

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