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[Glamour] Son Goku’s costume and a stretchable Ruyi Jingu Bang “Exclusive Eastern Journey Attire” (Lalafell Men’s Ver.)

I found a wonderful treasure today.

It’s like Son Goku’s “Exclusive Eastern Journey Attire


This is a pretty cute design outfit.

Also, it’s a set with many notable items.


Exclusive Eastern Journey Attire

In addition, this set is a chargeable equipment that can be purchased from the FF14 online store, and all jobs can be equipped except for weapons.

The head equipment is a little hard to see with this hairstyle, but it is a so-called Sun Goku head ring.

The official name of that ring seems to be “Kinkoji”.


The torso equipment is cute Chinese design clothes.


It looks like a sailor suit with a scarf, so it’s cute.

There are metal decorations on the right shoulder and waist.

Scrolls, gourds and sake bottles are worn on the back.

Do you use it even with a drunken boxing?


The feet are sandals for easy movement.

You can’t see the arm equipment if you wear this clothes, but it’s actually quite a characteristic arm equipment.

Arm equipment Exclusive Eastern Journey Armlets

I am changing into another sleeveless outfit so that you can see my arm equipment.


This arm equipment, the right hand is a thick bracelet wrapped with beads, and the left hand is with cute accessories, and it is interesting that it is asymmetrical.

Depending on the clothes you wear, you may see this accessory, which makes it quite easy to coordinate.

Maybe it’s worth buying just for this.


And although the weapon is exclusively for LNC and DRG, it is a stretchable Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Weapon Exclusive Eastern Journey Battle Staff

It’s like this when I’m carrying it on my back …

It grows when you hold it!

It’s hard to see how it grows in the photo, so check it out in the video below!

Dyeing pattern

Except for the black part, it changes depending on the dyeing.

Original Color

Ink Blue

Bone White

Wine Red

Is the original color the cutest?


It goes perfectly with the separately sold mount “Sunspun Cumulus“.


A dragon with a Ruyi Jingu Bang is good, but I think it’s a perfect image for a monk!

So, it was a record of “Exclusive Eastern Journey Attire” that can be Son Goku with one of the FF14 online store billing equipment.

▼ Check out the video to see how the fabric moves and how the Ruyi Jingu Bang grow!

【ミラプリ】孫悟空コス課金装備『イースタン・コスチュームセット』~Final Fantasy XIV~

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