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[Glamour] Elite military uniform and fashionable tank equipment “Augmented Crystarium Tabard of Fending”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.


It is a record of coordination using the elite military uniform-like tank body equipment “Augmented Crystarium Tabard of Fending.”


This tank equipment is pretty cool.

Here, I try to dye it with Ink Blue.

In addition, what I’m wearing this time is …

It’s cute that the right shoulder is red and the left side has a checkered pattern.


The use of the belt and the decoration around the hem are also very fashionable.

In addition, by strengthening “Crystarium Tabard of Fending” that can be exchanged for Allagan Tomestone in Eulmore using Crystalline Twine, it becomes “Augmented Crystarium Tabard of Fending” and can be dyed.

Dyeing pattern

The original color is brownish.

Original Color

Wine Red

Snow White

Ink Blue


The impression changes considerably by dyeing, so the range of coordination will expand.

So, it was a record of coordination using the fashionable military uniform “Augmented Crystarium Tabard of Fending” of the tank.

▼ Please check the video for the movement of the fabric !

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