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Hybodus, a flying fish mount with a slightly scary face for ocean fishing

Mount “Hybodus” that you can get if you get 10,000 points by ocean fishing.


This mount and the way the character rides is cute !

But the face of the mount is very scary…


It’s unusual to lie face down on a mount.

When you start running, you hold your hand a little and get up.

Personally, 10,000 points for ocean fishing was so difficult that I felt like I had to try it again and again.

With my ability, I’m lucky that the Spectral Currents doesn’t come three times and I can’t reach 10,000 points…

You are too poor at fishing…


A close relative of the tornado shark, this fearsome fish soars the skies by means of an organ that allows it to manipulate wind-aspected aether. The four fins protruding from its head are used to deftly control its course in flight. (From official commentary)

You can handle wind-aspected aether… awesome!

I’m happy because the level of Fisher and the level of decomposition of the Culinarian are going up one after another in ocean fishing.

オーシャンフィッシングのマウント『ヒボドゥス』~Final Fantasy XIV~

The bubbles of water are coming out and it feels like summer and refreshing ✨

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