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Is FINAL FANTASY XIV a MMORPG that can be played alone?

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



Previously, there was an official advertisement that was released with a catch phrase “MMO FF14 that you can play solo.”


Is the advertisement now running?

I think it was a pros and cons.

But personally, I really think I can play alone.

Most of the negative opinions were, “I can’t go to the dungeon alone because I have to form a party with other people.”

It’s kind of like that, but it’s not something like that…

Certainly if you go on with the story, you have to party with someone you do not know when you go to the dungeon,

However, most of the time, you can use the system called “Content Finder” to automatically match and enter the dungeon, so you don’t have to have friends. In the dungeon, there is almost no conversation, and there are many cases where only the first and last words “Hello!” and “Thank you!” lol

That’s not much different from going through a dungeon with an NPC…


Maybe the catchphrase of the official advertisement means “you can do it solo” as well, and I think it has the following meaning. “You don’t have to bother playing games with your real friends, and you don’t have to belong to FC (free company) in the game to interact with various friends every day. But you can enjoy this game enough!”

Actually, when I started this Final Fantasy XIV, I hadn’t talked to anyone for half a year and cleared the story. Still, I was really excited and enjoyed this world.

At that time, I didn’t know how to chat, so I could only say “Party Chat” greetings (and macro lol) at the beginning and end of the dungeon. Half a year later, when the story was over, the one who was with me in the dungeon sent me “Tell” for the first time (FC invitation), and I had never done “Tell”, so I was impatient to know how to return it. I remember. lol

So you can clear the story without having to deal with anyone, and if I call it “solo”, I think it’s a game that you can enjoy “solo” enough.

Of course, it’s an MMO, so if you don’t play with someone, it may be half the fun.

However, not all people in the world are good at socializing, and many people may think, “I’m tired of socializing in the real world, so I don’t want to socialize only in the game…”.

There may also be the following cases. At first he was fun and fun to play with everyone, but he also has trouble when people get together, and he may think, “I don’t like socializing anymore!”

Even for such people, I think it is a world that can be enjoyed solo.

Because, you can find beautiful scenery and music just by walking alone. Fashionable with various clothes, adventure with cute minions and mounts. Try to make your own cute house with a housing. It’s so fun to take photos and go around.

I think this world of Eorzea is a wonderful world that is attractive even if it is solo.

So, if you are afraid to get involved with someone and can’t take a step, I hope that you feel free to come to this world.

Like I used to be.

Once you step in, there’s a really wonderful world waiting for you.

Thank you for reading. See you !