* May your Eorzean days be filled with happiness ! :) *

Thank you very much for Fan Festival 2024 Tokyo Dome! I want to see you here again in 10 years!

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



Thank you very much for Fan Festival 2024 TOKYO!

Thank you so much to the management and everyone involved who made such a grand event possible, to everyone who appeared, and to all of Warriors of Light who have been supporting us all the time! And thank you for your hard work!

Normally, I can’t go to events like this because I never win the lottery. (Of course, the main 2-day pass was not available this time as well)
However, I was lucky enough to win a viewing seat for Day 1, and I went to buy a ticket for Day 2 and was able to get it, so I was able to go to the venue for both days. Tokyo Dome!

I was thinking of writing a letter to express my thoughts, but I don’t feel like I can express my feelings no matter what words I use, and I’m probably going to be cheap, so I’ll just write a short letter.

What impressed me the most about the event was the enthusiasm and hard work of the organizers.

I think being able to touch that is the happiest part.

Of course, I’m always living in the greatest world of FF14, so I feel its awesomeness every day. However, I’m really happy that the management can directly talk to me about their feelings and tell me secrets about the production. This is the moment when I love my favorite place even more.

I’m really glad to live in this world.

Also, the parts where the voice actors look back, Keiko’s piano concert, Amanda’s songs, and the Primals’ LIVE show are amazing because the adventures of those days come back to mind and I’m overcome with emotion.

Thank you thank you……


You were crying all the time.

Shhh! 💦


I think it’s amazing that such a wonderful world has continued for over 10 years, and I’m truly grateful to you for creating this world and for reviving it.

I hope it continues for at least another 100 years. I also hope that more and more people will come into contact with this wonderful and kind world and live a happy life.

I’m really glad I found this world.

And I’m glad I continued to live in this world.

I’m sure we’ll just live here until the end of our lives…

…If I put any more words into it, it would be extremely cheap, so that’s all for now.

Thank you very much to all the development team!

The next DAWNTRAIL is coming up, so I’m sure there will be many difficult days ahead, but please take care of yourself and do your best! I will always support you!

Let’s meet here again in 10 years.

Written by Norirow Note

This is a memory of the world of FINAL FANTASY 14.
I will write it down with gratitude for this world.
For someone someday. For some signpost. With prayer.
May your adventure be fortunate.


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Thank you for reading. See you !