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To you who are tired of relationships in this world and have become disgusted with everything

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



Today is the trouble consultation corner from the letter after a long absence


Eh !? This corner was still going on⁉💦

Now, let me introduce you to this letter.

From the pen name “I’m tired (pseudonym)”

Hello. I have a little consultation.
Um ... I've enjoyed this world of Eorzea so far, but ... I've been getting tired of "human relations" lately.

For example, FC ... Before, all FC members were playing happily with each other, but maybe because the number of members has increased, things like factions have gradually formed in FC, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  It's quite painful to have to use strange care for each.

Also, some of my friends have problems with "buddy relationships" and have to deal with them for hours and hours ...

Also, it's nice to have a lot of friends, but every day I'm invited by various "help" and "contents" and I can't do what I want to do at all ...

I'm getting tired. It's getting harder to log in ...
I like this world, but it's kind of painful ... I'm thinking about retirement.
What should I do ...

from "I'm tired (pseudonym)"

I see. All the problems that arise because of “MMORPG where you can interact with many people” … So, please give Norirow-san’s answer.


eh! ?? I am the respondent again! ?? 💦

Hmm … this is a very difficult problem.

This world is almost the same as the real world … It is a world where many people live. People with various values and emotions of emotions live in each, and the purpose that exists here is also different for each person. And there are various communities, and there are various things (contents) that can be done.

When people with different values come together, some people don’t fit, and sometimes they collide. Of course, on the contrary, I think there are many people who can get along well with each other. It’s exactly the same as the real world.

Especially in this world of FF14, there are too many things to do. Not only chasing the story like an RPG, but also those who pursue difficult battles, those who master architecture (housing), those who enjoy fashion, those who like to collect items, it is fun to look around the scenery People who like to travel, people who like to take pictures, people who have fun chatting with people, and people who like mahjong … There are so many things you can do if you count them. There is a world that can satisfy the desires of various people. (Since there is also a culture of sharing and enjoying these on SNS, it is a world that can no longer be talked about only on the platform called FF14)

In a sense, it’s the same as “real” … In other words, “another world”.

The introduction has become very long, but the point is that the same problem as in the real world arises because it is a world that is almost the same as the real world.

Perhaps the most fascinating and most annoying thing in the real world is “relationships.”

In this MMO world, the more you interact with people, the more you can experience the charm of that “human relationship”, but the more likely you are to get involved in troublesome troubles.

This is like the “fate” of a human with “emotions”.

However, one thing that is different from the real world may be that there is a high degree of freedom in choice.

In the real world, even if you don’t have a good relationship with someone, you can’t easily “get away from that relationship” with all sorts of things. (For example, physically … just because you are worried about “human relations” with someone in the United States, it is not easy to say “I will go to Japan from tomorrow and reset human relations!”)

In this world, it is not impossible to create a “escape” or “a place to keep a distance” to some extent.

You could leave FC, spend time on another server, or move to a different server or DC.

Sometimes it may be good to keep a distance from people.

I also … Actually, there was a time when I was worried in the same way.

There was a time of “orange name phobia” (I named it arbitrarily).

At first, I made so many friends that I could fill up the friends column, and I enjoyed MMO every day. …… But I got tired of human relationships because I was involved in many things and couldn’t use my time well. There was a time when I was scared just to see my friend with an orange name.

Therefore, I feel that I can understand the feelings of “I’m tired (pseudonym)” who wrote to me this time.

And at that time, the option I took was “moving a server”. (Fortunately, I didn’t belong to FC at that time, so it was relatively easy to move …)

Of course I still don’t know if that choice was right.

However, I think that I was able to rest my mind a little by moving away.

At that time, I feel that my “margin” in my heart has recovered considerably. Sometimes this kind of mental break may be important.

In the real world, such a “break at a distance” may be difficult, but in this world, the choices are relatively easy to take, so in a sense it is a “easy to live” world.

Also, even if I move the server, I think that I will continue to have relationships with people who are really close friends. I am still interacting with many friends. (In the future, it will be possible to move between DCs, which is even more secure.)

Of course, I think there is an option to leave (retire) from this MMO world in the first place, but I feel that it is a waste.

Because this is “another world” with many possibilities.

The word “Metaverse” is popular in the world now, but it is a so-called pioneer, and in a sense, I feel that this FF14 has one form.

Rather … The “Metaverse” that is being said in the world now may be “something” in the “extension of the real world.” However, in this world of FF14, I think that I can create another “potential” of myself, not “an extension of the real world.”

Even now, many people do not end this world in this world alone, but express something on SNS such as Twitter and Instagram.

Furthermore, there are many people who are derived from this world and sublimated into images, music and various works. There are many people who make use of the potential that could not be realized in the real world, create various “creatives”, please and heal many people, and are in the limelight.

I write this Norirow Note every day, and thousands of people watch it every day. I can’t meet so many people every day just by living in real life. I can’t express something to so many people every day in the real world. But that is possible every day in this world.

My story may be a tiny example. However, it is a big fact for me that I can experience “events that I cannot experience just by living in the real world” in the real world through the world of Eorzea.

That is why I think that “the great potential of human beings” is hidden in this world.

I think there is still something hidden here that leads to more and more interesting things for many people.

“I’m tired (pseudonym)” who wrote to me this time wrote, “I like this world,” so I think this world is very important to you. So it’s a waste to retire.

Why don’t you take a little distance from the current situation and rest your mind?

Then, I’m sure that something new will open again.

This world is a truly wonderful world.

That’s why I want more people to experience it, and I hope it will become a wonderful “another world” for many people.

May your life be even better here.

I may not have been able to give a very good answer, but …

Good night, see you tomorrow.

Written by Norirow Note

This is a memory of the world of FINAL FANTASY 14.
I will write it down with gratitude for this world.
For someone someday. For some signpost. With prayer.
May your adventure be fortunate.


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