~ May your Eorzean days be filled with happiness ! ~

To you who are tired of the battle because of “I hate to lose”

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.


By the way, today I received such a letter, so it’s a trouble consultation corner.


eh! ?? When did such a corner start! ?? 💦

Now, let me introduce this letter.

This time, a letter from the pen name “DPS that I hate to lose”.

I'm really worried about the battle.

"I hate to lose" is activated every time. Especially when I challenged the battle as "DPS", it was very painful ...

For example, whenever I go to a dungeon, I always look at the party list to see if my hostility ranks better or worse than my opponent's DPS.
And when I lose, I'm regrettable and regrettable, and after that I'm so depressed that I don't want to do anything, I'm tired and dented ...

I'm practicing hard every day, but it's really painful to lose.

I don't want to go to battle anymore ... At this rate, I'm afraid that I'm going to hate this world itself.

I want to get rid of this "I hate to lose" illness ...
What should I do now……

from “DPS that I hate to lose”

Hmmm, I see. So, Norirow-san, please answer.


Eh !? I’m the respondent! ?? 💦

Well, that’s right …

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to “hate to lose”.

And, “DPS that I hate to lose” is not only depressed when you loses, but you are still practicing hard after that, right?

I think that’s a very good thing in itself, because it leads to “ambition.

However, after you lose, you have nowhere to spit out that regret, so I think you’re getting more and more stressed and painful.

So, first of all, you should look for an outlet for that stress.

The recommendation is to say that regret aloud.

Please say “sad!” Aloud. Or tell a good friend, “I was sad to lose!”

When you do, don’t you feel a little better?

Also, think about this.

What is the result of defeating the opponent DPS in that battle?

Even if you win, it ends with self-satisfaction.

It is something that only you can benefit from. No, it may not even be beneficial. Even if you are self-satisfied, you will not get any results and nothing will lead to the next.

It feels very “wasteful” to use that great negative power, full of regret, just to burn yourself out.

How about converting that power into something that pleases the other person?

Well … How about complimenting the opponent DPS?

“Great!” “You are too good!”

You may be surprised to talk about such things suddenly, but such an opportunity may be good. Turn the negative power into courage and take the plunge.

The person being told will not feel bad. Perhaps after that, the story will bounce and you may become an irreplaceable friend.

After that, your friends may tell you a lot and your battle skills may improve further, right?

Maybe even if you act or use your heart just to be satisfied, no matter how long it goes, nothing good will happen.

I think that if you can please someone or do something for someone, it will go around and come back to you as a benefit.

So, I think “DPS that I hate to lose” should think about converting the power of “I hate to lose” for someone else.

Besides, our mission is not to beat the opponent DPS. You must be fighting bigger things to save this world and to make it better.

I will do my best to train, so let’s get stronger together!


I wonder if the answer is like this …

Hmmm, I think it’s okay. Then, I would like to say the next letter … but it seems to be long, so let’s do it again someday next time.


eh! ?? This corner continues! ?? 💦

Thank you for reading. See you !