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To you who have disappeared from this world

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



How are you ?

It’s been a long time since you suddenly disappeared from this world.

Are you doing well ?

I was really shocked when you suddenly disappeared.

You must have been painful. I wonder if you had a hard time.

Finally, I’m sorry I couldn’t listen to you.

I had a lot of things, but now I’m living very peacefully.

As I said at that time, this is a really nice world.

I still think that no one should have a hard time in this world.

I sometimes remember that I was talking to you about that.

This is another really nice world.

That’s why I’m still telling it to as many people as I can. Sometimes.

I hope you are living happily somewhere.

And come back again someday.

Hopefully I’ll see you somewhere in this world again.

Until then, you’re fine !

Written by Norirow Note

This is a memory of the world of FINAL FANTASY 14.
I will write it down with gratitude for this world.
For someone someday. For some signpost. With prayer.
May your adventure be fortunate.


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