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For those of you who are not good at battle and find it hard to stay in this world

I found a wonderful treasure today.
I found a wonderful treasure today.



Well, today is the first letter corner in a while.


Huh, is this corner still running? 💦

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce today’s letter.


I'm very bad at battles.

I love the world of FF14, but it's hard for me to have to have battles to advance the story. Furthermore, if I can't battle well, I won't be able to play well with my friends... As a result, I started to feel more and more tired.

That's why I'm starting to think that maybe I should leave this world.

I feel a bit sad, but I'm not good at battle games to begin with, so it can't be helped...

from: Mr. Not good at battle (pseudonym)

I see, this is exactly the same thing that Norirow-san was worried about before.


Ah, that’s right…I can really understand how he feels…(。pдq)

At first, I was really bad at battles and couldn’t help it.

I may have said it somewhere before, but for the first six months after I arrived in this world, I didn’t have any friends, so I never talked to anyone at all. So, I spent my days solo just following the story.

Also, battles are inevitable in the story, so just like Mr. Not good at battle, I couldn’t help but hate battles. It was really painful.

I was determined not to cause any trouble to the people I would be matching with. …And I was depressed because I would go down quickly. It was a repeat.

I’ve always wished there was a system to skip battles.

Nowadays, the content supporter system (a system where you can go to battle with NPCs) has been introduced, and you can go into battle solo, so you don’t have to bother anyone. It was really good. Many people may have been saved by this.

After that, I was able to join a FC for the first time after being approached.

I didn’t have any friends up until then, so talking with everyone at FC was new and I remember really enjoying it.

However, I was terrified of being invited to play roulette every day in the FC chat. I didn’t want to cause trouble to the FC members in battle. Well, now that I think about it, maybe I didn’t want people to see my uncool side…

I even ran away from FC because it became difficult for me to stay there.

And several years have passed since then…

As I gradually got used to it, I was able to go into battles. Of course I can’t do it well.

I managed to get used to it little by little.

I’ve come to believe that if it’s a battle in the story, I can somehow clear it with just getting used to it. I don’t have time to look at the surrounding scenery, but…

However, I still think it was a big improvement.

Many of the battles in this world have the same pattern, so once you get used to it, I think they’ve designed it so that you can handle it as long as you don’t go to high-difficulty content. perhaps.

※ If you are an Unsynced or content supporter and are unable to clear the game, please send out a recruitment message with the words “I’m bad at combat and can’t clear the game! Can someone please help me…”, and friendly and experienced adventurers will help you. I’m so happy to live in such a kind world!

However, as I continued my adventures over the years, I came to realize that battles are not the only way to enjoy this world.

I hardly ever go to battle these days (…well, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement)

What I’m most looking forward to right now is discovering the wonderful treasures scattered throughout this world. Weapons, costumes, mounts, etc. The most fun part is finding it and making it look fashionable.

So, in order to go looking for treasure, if there is treasure I want there, I will go to the minimum amount of battle.

But that’s just it. Of course, I haven’t been able to get into high-difficulty content at all.

However, I can’t help but feel happy and having fun every day.

This FF14 is a world where you can do a lot of things.

There are so many ways to enjoy it, and I really feel like it’s a world that’s not just about battles. It’s a wonderful, colorful world that everyone enjoys in their own way.

Even if you just want to look for treasure and look fashionable like me, you’ll run out of time in no time.

It’s full of wonderful scenery, so you’ll have plenty of fun just walking around taking pictures of the SS. It might be nice to spend a relaxing time fishing in this wonderful scenery. One of the real pleasures is encountering the scenery of various places through gardening and mining.

Just buying a house and enjoying housing can be as much as one game.

Better yet, you can just play mahjong or indulge in Gold Saucer.

And since it’s an MMO, you can spend a whole day just talking to people.

Above all, the story is so good that it feels like you’re watching a movie.

Of course, battles are available up to high difficulty levels, so those who want to get into it can do so. PvP also has a lot of content.

There are so many ways to spend your time in this world that I still can’t count them all. On the other hand, I feel like there are so many options that it’s impossible to enjoy them all.

So what I want to tell you is that if you don’t like battles, you don’t need to battle.

Well, of course there will be battles in the story, but we’ll manage that with Unsynced and content supporters. There’s no need to go into battle after that.

There are so many other ways to enjoy it that you should just enjoy something else.

And since this is an MMO world, there are some aspects that are no different from the real world, where you interact with people and live your life. …No, it’s your “another world” where you can do things that are impossible in real life, as fantasy elements are also added.

I believe that this is not just a game (not just entertainment), but a world that has the potential to free people from being stuck in the real world.

That’s why I feel like it would be such a waste to leave this world just because you’re not good at battle.

I was like that, so I understand the feeling of not being good at battles.

However, once I realized that “this world is not just about battles,” the world expanded a lot and I couldn’t help but have fun every day.

So, if you say, “I love this world, but…” why not take a break from battles and find another way to enjoy it? I’m sure you’ll find something even more wonderful.

Maybe it will be an encounter that changes your life.

I think the world of FF14 has that much potential.

So, I wrote a reply to the letter I received. What do you think?

I feel like there are a surprisingly large number of people who are having trouble because they’re not good at battles. (Because I was like that)

However, battle is not an important element in this world that you should worry about.

It’s a world with too many other wonderful elements.

So, I’m writing this down in hopes that you can live a happy life every day, even if you’re not good at battles like I am.

I feel like I’ll probably end this day somewhere in Eorzea (without going into battle) just staring at the costume closet. (lol)

See you!

Written by Norirow Note

This is a memory of the world of FINAL FANTASY 14.
I will write it down with gratitude for this world.
For someone someday. For some signpost. With prayer.
May your adventure be fortunate.


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Thank you for reading. See you !